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The Mission

To transform healthcare in America

with a solution that promotes health, wellness, and disease prevention;

is championed by nurses,

engages all care professionals,

is financially sustainable,

and available to all communities.


Transform Healthcare in America

Transform is an ambitious word. We know that "transform" is an overused buzzword in most of the hyperbole that infects the healthcare conversation. We ask you for a minute to understand what we mean by transform so that we can build trust with you.

First, here's what we do not mean by transform:

  • Transform is not fixing the system. Improving the system. The system is broken. People know the system is broken. For decades individuals and corporations and government agencies have been trying to fix. Is healthcare today more accessible for all? Affordable? Sustainable? Are citizens healthier? What is that cliché for the definition of insanity? A different solution is required.

  • Transform is not replacing the system. The current healthcare system isn't going anyplace anytime soon. Whether due to inertia, ignorance, or greed, the system is too entrenched and too massive to simply replace. The system is the system. That is not a statement of resignation. (We explain more elsewhere).

  • Digital and data and systems do not transform. They are important components of delivering healthcare, but not transformational and certainly not the solution.

Transform requires the difficult work of transforming

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Colorful Bubbles

As nurses across specialties, education levels, ages and experience join with each other, we will lead the way to a new healthcare system designed to thrive on wellness.

Nurses have gone unheard in most healthcare organizations for decades. Our approach to healthcare addresses the needs of all care professionals, and recognizes nurses as contributors to value rather than "just an expense on the balance sheet."

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The Problem

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A Solution

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