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Welcome to Nurses Transforming Healthcare!

We sincerely appreciate your subscribing to Nurses Transforming Health Care! 

One-by-one, we can, and will, come together to create a health care system that  cares for both patients and providers. We imagine this system administered by like-minded healthcare providers of all kinds.

Your background, experiences, interests, and ideas about transforming health care are important, and we would love to hear them.  If you are interested in joining our monthly zoom meetup, just email us. Or if you prefer a phone call, let us know because transforming health care will take all our collective wisdom.

NTH Founders

How Can You Help?

  • Join us every 2nd Saturday of the month at our 11 am EST weekly zoom. Click on this link, we would love to meet you!

  • Make a contribution so that we can grow this movement.

  • Follow our posts on LinkedIn - share the vision of nurses leading care with friend and family.

  • Like and follow us on Facebook or Instagram, even repost if you'd like!

  • Schedule a cup of tea or coffee with one of our members.

  • Recommend us as speakers for your next conference.


What do we need?

  • Project Managers

  • People with social media experience

  • Web site designers

  • Researchers – from a few hours of work to a white paper

  • Digital Marketing experts

  • Volunteers to collect data in Spicewood, TX

  • Fund raising ideas, grants, and philanthropy

  • Students who have an interest in studying or publishing

  • Opportunities to speak to graduate level health students via webinars

We want to hear your voice!

Contact Us!

We look forward to connecting!

We respect your information and do not sell it or provide it to third parties.

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