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The future began in 2020...

...when four nurses connected and began a conversation.

Each one expressed her or his frustrations with the current healthcare system, based on decades of experience, extensive research, and exposure to healthcare systems across America. But their conversation was not a gripe session. It was a revelation of the vision and resolve that each one held, and they were inspired to coalesce their purpose and passion and expertise to transform healthcare in America.

Billions of dollars have been poured into fixing healthcare. It's not working. Healthcare costs continue to increase exponentially, and the health of American citizens continues getting worse. And this was before Covid clobbered the world. The pandemic accelerated the downward spiral. Today, organizations are frantic as healthcare workers resign in droves. Most of the "solutions" bandied about are reactive and short-sighted and do not address the fundamental causes of the problems. They simply apply more pressure to the proverbial gas pedal, accelerating while heading in the same direction. It is inevitable that American healthcare will drive over the cliff unless concerned professionals and citizens take the wheel, hit the brakes, and build something better.

The founders of Nurses Transforming Healthcare are laying the groundwork for new models of providing care. Rather than accepting the status quo, Nurses Transforming Healthcare is abolishing the barriers that have restricted nurses from providing the full spectrum of leadership and care they are educated and equipped to provide. Nurses Transforming Healthcare is mobilizing others to contribute to a future where the value of healthcare is actually based on health and wellness, rather than the current system which needs people to be ill and diseased in order to generate unscrupulous profits for a privileged few. 

Nurses Transforming Healthcare is a nonprofit organization dedicated to its mission. Our goal is to gain your trust and we hope that you become part of our story. Together, we will transform healthcare and in doing so, we will improve and advance the quality of life for Americans for generations to come.

Meet the Founders

Kathleen Bartholomew



Kathleen is an international keynote speaker and culture expert. For over 20 years, she has been educating hospital boards, physicians and nurses on leadership, culture, teamwork, and patient safety. Kathleen has published numerous articles and authored “Speak Your Truth: Proven Strategies for Effective Nurse-Physician Communication”, “Ending Nurse-to-Nurse Hostility”, and coauthored “Charting the Course”; and “The Dauntless Nurse: Communication Confidence Builder”.  Her TEDx talk challenges our covert belief that some people are more important than others. With a call to integrity, and a passion for healing, Kathleen is a visionary thought leader, Op Ed writer and blogger for My American Nurse. 

Leanne Meier



Leanne Meier has been a nurse for 50 years, working across the nursing spectrum, including, ICU, Step-down ICU, Med Surg, ER, OB, L&D, Hospice, OR and more. In 2014, she began teaching an RN Refresher Course for nurses. In 2017, Leanne launched a radio show for nurses, "Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse," which quickly became an international talk with more than 120,000 listeners in 70+ countries. When Covid hit, she facilitated providing resources for mental health support for bedside nurses. In the process, she reached out to three of her prior guests, forming a "Mastermind" group with Dr. John Silver, Kim Evans and Kathleen Bartholomew, to discuss how to address the critical concerns in nursing and health care. From this group, Nurses Transforming Healthcare was born.

Kim Evans



Kim Evans, MSN(r), APRN, CNS-BC, AHN-BC, CNAT is an advanced practice nurse with over 44 years of clinical experience. After 15 years in intensive care units, she noted the limitations of a system that focuses primarily on disease. In 1997, she shifted her practice to focus on wellness/disease prevention. She co-created the Institute for Integrative Medicine (IIM) in 2000 and is the current owner/CEO. Her book, Transforming Healthcare: Healing You, Me and our Broken Disease-Care System was published in 2018. She utilizes a high-tech/high touch approach to help patients achieve their optimal health of mind, body and Spirit. 

John Silver



After 24 years in healthcare, John Silver determined to become the solution to a seemingly impossible puzzle of our US dysfunctional HC system. He completed a PhD and MBAC to create an economic model revolving around 7 goals for public health outcomes which ensure all monetary incentives support those goals. With nurses as the logical people to lead a truly patient focused system, with safe staffing levels, acknowledged as the experts of patient management, We can turn this tide of dysfunctional, Disease-care system to one ALL about health CARE. For the past 2 years, Silver has co-led the formation and development of Nurses Transforming Healthcare with his partners and is working to bring nurses together to create this transformation.

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