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Social Rx Program in Spicewood, TX

The Myer Family Foundation has graciously donated funds to support the efforts of the Social Rx Campaign in Spicewood, TX.

The generous donations have gone to help members of the community who were displaced from their home after a fire destroyed their residence while they were in the hospital with newborn twins. With the help of our nurses on the ground, they have been able to provide shelter, food, medical care, and tools to the family so that they may find their footing and rebuild what was lost.

In addition to this heartwarming story, the program has been able to identify the needs of many other community members and help prevent costly hospital stays. By providing a gas card, a community member was able to get to their wound appointments to prevent a bone infection that could have been debilitating.

The nurses within this program have been working tirelessly to bring resources to clients when they may not have the means to find them alone. A client, feeling the need to steal food to provide for her 2 small children, met our nurses and was immediately given access to food via the foodbank, and was able to trade time helping in our community food garden for a grocery store gift card, relieving the fear of not being able to provide for her children without engaging in illegal activities.

Countless other stories like these exist, but can only continue with community efforts to pay for Nurses such as Candace and Christine and the Social Rx Program.

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