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The Mission

To transform healthcare to a model based on wellness and disease prevention which is affordable and accessible to all.



Imagine nurses coming together to lead the way to a new healthcare system designed to thrive on wellness.

Imagine a system where all care professionals are treated with respect and whose contributions are equally valued.

Imagine that the next generation will have high-quality care that doesn't empty their bank accounts.

Imagine each person in our country receiving high-quality care and living in health, without needing a special zip code.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse


Blood Test

We Say YES

Nurses have the expertise, knowledge, and strength to build healthcare systems that unify all healthcare professionals in the quest to make every person healthy.

Our Foundations


Join with us to amplify the message in health care that:

  • is honest about the current system

  • we must establish a system based on wellness and disease-prevention

  • nurses are equipped and best able to lead caring operations

  • transparency in operations and finance is essential


Education citizens of current state of health care and the future sustainable model

  • Explain the 4 aims and use funnel graphic

  • Write op eds

  • Tap into health writers

  • Speakers bureau

  • Slack channels for interviews, pod casts 

  • Utilize data analytics:

  • Inform responsive health policy


  • With identified partners and model including, roles, ROI projections, health outcomes projections 

  • Potential Partners  

  • FQHC (federally qualified health centers)  

  • FRC (family resource centers) network 

  • Primary care association in each state 

  • School nurses 

  • Universities and Colleges – clinical rotations 

  • Mental health providers 

  • Public health Departments at state and county level 

  • Insurance providers 

  • Benefit Administrators 

  • Evaluation and sustainability assessment organization

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