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Imagine nurses coming together to lead the way to a new healthcare system designed to thrive on wellness.

Imagine a system where all care professionals are treated with respect and whose contributions are equally valued.

Imagine that the next generation will have high-quality care that doesn't empty their bank accounts.

Imagine each person in our country receiving high-quality care and living in health, without having a Beverly Hills zip code.

The Mission

To transform healthcare in America with a solution that promotes health, wellness, and disease prevention.



Join with us to amplify the message in health care that:

  • is honest about the current system

  • we must establish a system based on wellness and disease-prevention

  • nurses are equipped and best able to lead caring operations

  • transparency in operations and finance is essential


Utilize data analytics:

  • inform responsive health policy


Education citizens of current state of health care and the future sustainable model

  • Explain the 4 aims and use funnel graphic

  • Write op eds

  • Tap into health writers

  • Speakers bureau

  • Slack channels for interviews, pod casts 


  • Invitation to propose 10 sites- 5 million each to congress 

  • With identified partners and model including, roles, ROI projections, health outcomes projections 

  • Potential Partners  

  • FQHC (federally qualified health centers)  

  • FRC (family resource centers) network 

  • Primary care association in each state 

  • School nurses 

  • Universities and Colleges – clinical rotations 

  • Mental health providers 

  • Public health Departments at state and county level 

  • Insurance providers 

  • Benefit Administrators 

  • Evaluation and sustainability assessment organization

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